Services provided by Indian Press Clearing (IPC)

We provide the information from the most extensive media universe wherein the information from the metro cities are provided on the same day and from the rest of India, a day late.

We work according to the client requirement, as we provide the tailor-made solutions. The various services provided by Indian Press Clearing are:

Print Monitoring:

We provide the News-Clippings from leading publications of India. Articles and Advts are provided. Hard and soft copies are sent. For hard copies the original clippings are being pasted on A4 sheet with the details of publication, edition, date and page no. being mentioned. The soft copies are mailed as JPEG/PDF by 8:00/10:00 AM on a daily basis.


The data is tabulated and compiled dossiers are dispatched and couriered on a daily / weekly basis.

News links (Uploader Services)

An alternate way of getting the daily updates through news links created on our portal. User name and password will be provided to view/download the coverage. Direct uploading on client URL is also pursued. The main problem of getting mail boxes full because of heavy coverages is solved by these services.

Web Monitoring:

We do searching from various search engines, portals and online editions. Daily report of online coverages is mailed by 10.00 am on each working day.


We have maintained the archives for the leading sectors since 2006 which has been proved as the rich referral support to our clients.


As we track the vernacular media, the translations are provided for the different languages.

Summarisation / Media Analysis / Share of Voice :

Specialized media reports sourcing out the news from extensive print and online media are generated. Share of Voice is also provided at month end.

TV Monitoring:

Various news channels and infotainment channels are monitored and recorded CD of the scheduled programme are delivered.

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